For wider dissemination and utilization of the various researches conducted by the URPC staff, faculty and students, the center publishes research outputs in the following journals, monographs, and bulletin/papers:
The Notre Dame Journal - the first university journal which features peace related studies and issues in Mindanao (ISSN 0048-0932).
The Faculty Research Journal publishes researches undertaken by university faculty through the Discipline-Based Research (DBR) Program, the then Academic Research Program and their Master's theses and/or dissertations (ISSN 2094-0092).
Bantúg is a journal which publishes the best papers produced by college students (ISSN 2651-7205).
Kabatiran is a senior high school students’ research journal featuring the best theses of the senior high school students of Notre Dame University.
Research Monographs feature abstracts of researches conducted by the RPC for funding institutions in the region, national, or international.
Research Info features discipline-based research findings of studies conducted for classroom utilization.
Social Weather Bureau (SWB) is a publication which presents the results of community opinion surveys on issues affecting local and national conditions.
Occasional Paper disseminate researches conducted by the center and faculty members for institutional development.
DataBank Bulletin is a quarterly publication that comes out the current issues, facts, and figures about the provinces of Central Mindanao.
InfoSheet is an occasional information sheet prepared for dissemination. These are significant facts, figures, personalities, speeches affecting the interest of the people; as lifted or copied from local or national sources.
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