The University Research and Publications Center (URPC) is the research and publication arm of Notre Dame University (NDU). It is based in Cotabato City, Region XII.

The RPC is tasked to serve the research-related needs and activities of both the internal and external clients of the University. The internal clients are the faculty, students, administrators and the different sectors of the University. While the external sectors are the funding institutions (local, national or foreign), local government units, research institutions, non-government organizations, and other partner-institutions who commission and fund the University to conduct researches for their own utilization. The URPC publishes the reviewed research outputs in journals and other forms of publications for dissemination and utilization.

The RPC is mandated to do the following:


The University Research and Publications Center (URPC) was established in 1972 with its original name "Socio-Economic Research Center" (SERC) as the research arm of Notre Dame University. Through the years, SERC has engaged in researches and other information generation activities useful for private agencies and government in Central Mindanao and the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) regions in program planning, formulation and implementation.

Over the years the demand for research was compelling. The university has expanded its research activities in order to serve the needs of the internal and external clients. In 1996, re-structuring had been pursued. The University Research Center was created to consolidate all research units in the university into one. The SERC became a part of the new and broader structure of the URC together with Institutional Research and Development (IRD) and Data Bank (DB).

In recent years, the Center had expanded its focus to researches that tackle governance and other peace-related topics. On November 11, 2008, the Center was awarded as the 2008 Best Higher Education Institution (HEI) in Research Program in Region XII by the Commission on Higher Education Region XII.

During SY 2015-2016, the center’s name was changed to University Research and Publications Center (URPC). The intention was to highlight the aspect of publications, as an integral and key component in research. Along this context, the university journals were peer reviewed and published regularly. Faculty researches were also submitted for review in high impact journals.

In the same school year, the University contracted Philippine Universities like Ateneo de Manila University and other universities abroad for Collaboration Research Programs (CRP). This collaboration effort was done under the Oblates Research Institute (ORI). The ultimate goal is to boost wider faculty involvement in researches that are related to peace, culture and development studies in the Bangsamoro. The research outputs are expected to be published in high impact international journals.
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