The Guidance and Testing Center is a support unit of the university, committed to provide quality client-centered guidance services to develop self-directed and responsible students with social conscience, through enhanced collaboration and coordination with other sectors of the university.


The Guidance and Testing Center caters to the adjustmental and developmental needs of the students. This is to respond to the holistic approach of the educative process which adheres to total human development- that students shall be developed intellectually, socially, physically, spiritually, psychologically and emotionally.

The center helps the students cope with the demand of their college program and make decisions about present and future life.

Solutions are not made for the clients. The center provides an environment conducive to self-help and assists clients through establishment of helpful ways to expedite their progress.

Disciplinary actions are not within the scope of responsibility of the center. Confidentiality of all data or information about the clients is observed with high esteem.



1. Admission Program

This program facilitates the entrance of new students in the university. It includes scheduling of test, admission test administration, determining cut-off scores, classifying the students by program, referral to the deans of program, and conducting orientationOrientation Program for New Freshmen & Transferees

This program introduces the new freshmen and transferees to the academic atmosphere of the institution. Specifically, it aims at giving them information regarding the vision-mission, goals, directions & general policies of the university, its programs, services, and facilities.

2. Peer Facilitating Program

Peer Facilitating Program gives opportunity to students who are carefully selected and trained to provide assistance to their peer to improve the latter’s social functioning, assist them in their concerns and in coping with their problems. Student Peer Facilitators serve as the arms of the Guidance & Testing Center in reaching out to students in need of guidance & counseling.

3. Pre-Employment Coaching Program

This program aims to equip the graduating students with knowledge and skills necessary for their job hunting and to prepare them for future career and employment.

4. Gender Awareness and Women’s Affairs (GAWA) Program

This program is designed to advocate the worth, potential and rights of every person. It aims to promote gender sensitivity and more equitable male-female relations in the university and to raise the community’s awareness on women and gender issues and laws.

5. Marketing Program

This program involves providing career information to the Senior high school students of NDU feeder schools and assisting them in their career planning and decision-making. General information, course offerings & other programs, services, facilities, and activities at NDU are also given. This is done in collaboration with the other sectors in the University.

6. Personality Development Program

This includes Session on Social Graces for First Year Students, Career Enhancement and Stress Management Session for SHS students

7. Referral Program Referral Program is a collaborative efforts of the GTC and the academic sector where students who need assistance in their developmental tasks and in their personal, educational/career and social adjustments are referred for counseling or consultation with the professional counselors.

8. Enrichment Program for SHS Teachers and Parents


1. Counseling Service

It involves assisting the students and other clients toward better understanding of themselves and their environment and encourages them to assume responsibility for making decisions, which will lead to satisfactory adjustment and acceptable resolution of problem being considered.

Objectives of Counseling

Counseling enables students to:

2. Individual Inventory

This is designed to gather data about students to enable the counselors, teachers and administrators to understand the student better.

It includes pertinent data accumulated from birth, which can give appropriate picture of the individual. Such information includes individual’s home and family background, school history, mental ability or academic aptitude, achievement aptitudes, personality profile and plans in the future.

It serves as the key to counseling activity upon which the personal assistance is based. Additional information is integrated into the inventory periodically to aid in understanding the student.

Objectives of Individual Inventory:

3. Testing Service

This service assesses/ appraises the individual’s characteristics and behavior. This is made available not only to the NDU stakeholders but also to external clients. Specifically, this service has the following objectives:

Psychological Tests are classified as General Mental Ability Tests, Interest Inventories, Aptitude, Achievement, & Personality Tests.