1st Trimester of A.Y. 2020-2021

New Students | Old Students 

For Incoming New Freshmen
  1. Please pay the application fee of Php 500 through any Metrobank branch (account number 074-7074900107) or through the NDU Business Office. Please indicate the enrollee’s name and cellphone number in the deposit slip.Accomplish and submit your Personal Data Sheet (PDS) at Please be aware that you will be asked to submit through the ISMIS online PDS your picture with your signature and a scanned copy/picture copy of your signature over your printed name.Previous applicants who had taken the admission tests this year do not need to fill up the PDS.
  2. Email to digital copies of the following in JPEG Format/PDF format (incomplete documents/details will not be processed)

a)  Application Letter with a 2×2 Colored Picture in white background attached therein, and indicating the following information:

–   full name and gender; contact details (1. address, 2. landline or mobile number, and 3. email address);birthday; undergraduate degree details (school name and address, course description, and year graduated), and other degrees or post graduate degrees; other important details (board examinations taken and year passed and professional licenses); and employment details, if applicable.

b) Validated Deposit Slip of Php 500 application fee;

c) Transcript of Record;

d) Certificate of Transfer Credentials or Certificate of Good Moral Character or Certificate of Honorable Dismissal, whichever is applicable;

e) Certificate of Live Birth on Philippine Statistics Authority security paper;

f)  In lieu of the admission tests and interview, in your own handwriting on bond papers, answer the following questions in English:

f1. What competencies do you expect to develop as a Master’s or Doctorate student in your chosen degree program? How do you think these competencies will help you achieve your career goals? Aside from competencies you will gain from the academic requirements, in what other professional training or growth sessions are you interested in?

f2. Develop a simple research concept paper related to the program you intend to apply (Minimum of 3 pages).

i. Research Title: (A researchable problem)

ii. Rationale/Introduction: (Two paragraphs – presentation of the problematic gaps related to your researchable problem/title)

iii. Research Objectives: (Minimum of 3 to 4 paragraphs – What do you intend to know or find out?)

iv. Research Design: (Methods – How do you intend to conduct the research)

f3. Should you be accepted in the NDU Graduate School, when do you intend to complete and finish your academic program?

IMPORTANT: Please safely keep all the original documents stated above. Upon advice of qualification for admission, you shall be required to submit these documents enclosed in a long brown envelope to the NDU Registrar’s Office. Should the original documents submitted be different from that of the scanned documents emailed to the Graduate School (GS) application, or if such documents were found to be falsified, the applicant to the NDU Graduate School shall automatically be disqualified for admission.

  1. You will be notified of the result of your application through the email address provided in your letter.
  1. Once qualified, you may now pay the minimum down payment of PHP 4,000 (payment beyond 4,000 is accepted) either at the NDU Business Office, through any Metrobank branch (account number 074-7074900107). Please indicate the enrollee’s name and cellphone number in the deposit slip. You will receive validation of your payment through a text message indicating your login account number and password.
  1. Using your login account number and password, login to Once you have successfully logged in, you are accepted as a student of Notre Dame University
  1. Formal enrollment will be announced sometime before August.  (Please bear with us as we still cannot announce a definite date of formal enrollment at this time as we will have to adjust to any emerging situation required by the General Community Quarantine).