2 June 2020

Dear Graduates/Completers/Movers,



We may have been deprived of the glamour and glitter of graduation ceremonies because of the current pandemic.  But this does not mean that your graduation is devoid of deep significance and meaning.  Thus, may you find joy in your grand achievement.  Your graduation is worthy of celebration, even sans the usual fanfare.  Once again, congratulations!

With your success, may we impart to you these simple words: CONTINUE LEARNING.

Continue Learning.  Let this be our mantra in our current situation.  May education go on despite the difficulties brought to us by the crisis that still grips the world.  This state of affairs may demand so much from us.  It is our prayer that all of us may be resilient and creative enough to adjust and adapt to the challenging circumstances which still unfold before us.

We thank and pray for those who assiduously work and strive hard to make education possible and learning continued in whatever modalities such may be delivered.  We thank our teachers and mentors, staff and administrators, all in the teaching ministry, for their kindness and generosity of hearts.  Kudos to them who know and faithfully adhere to their vocation and mission as educators come what may, no matter what.

It is our foremost dream that, with your education, you may contribute to social transformation, to the improvement of life, to the betterment of the world.  You may be too young to be given the burden of this task.  Yet, we believe that you can already play a part in attaining this vision.  Your mission at this time is simply to continue learning.  In spite of the challenges and inconveniences of the present set-up, may you not lose the vitality, the energy and enthusiasm to faithfully respond to this mandate entrusted to you.

In your journey onwards, may you always be guided by our core values—FAITH, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, EXCELLENCE and SERVICE (FIRES).  Always remember your Alma Mater.  NDU is a home. May you cherish her forever.

Be thankful to all those who love you, to those who have helped and sacrificed a lot for you.  Remember,  most especially your parents and your loved ones.

Above all, thank God.  In His goodness, may the Lord of all continually bless you, keep you and protect you from any harm.

With my love and affection,

(Sgd.) Fr. Francis Efren C. Zabala, OMI