I. University Research Program

A faculty of the University carries three prime functions such as teaching, research and community extension. As a faculty makes every effort to engage in these functions, the university seeks to provide the proper mechanisms for the faculty. A University Research Program (URP) is thus instituted to clearly outline research opportunities and incentives. This intention is to promote and encourage faculty involvement in research particularly in topics within their fields of specialization with implications to policy and institutional development.

Goals and Objectives

1. Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal of the URP is to develop a culture of research among students, faculty members, staff and students of the University. This culture of research has the following elements:

  1. Disciplinary and Multidisciplinary/Interdisciplinary – These provide opportunities to enhance researches in specialized fields by the colleges, at the same time integrate different disciplines to develop a more holistic perspective approach of the topics or issues being studied.
  2. Collaboration– This extends partnerships among administrators, faculty and student researchers; and with other external agencies and institutions for cooperative learning in research. It is a unifying act in order to strengthen bonds and expand one’s acquisition and expertise of shared views in a collective pursuit of relevant knowledge and excellence.
  3. Developmental–This creates avenue for faculty and students to do research for institutional development. The university vision, mission, goals and strategic directions are bases for developmental research.

2. Immediate Goals

The URP is premised on the following priority goals:

  1. Provide basic skills in research to faculty and students.
  2. Establish the structure that will ensure coordination, communication, planning, linkages, and monitoring of research programs.
  3. Establish necessary infrastructure and mechanisms to sustain the research program of the university.
  4. Integrate research into the curriculum/strengthen research-oriented instruction.
  5. Formulate clear-cut policies on research among the various sectors/colleges in the university.
  6. Strengthen the coordination and cooperation between and among sectors.


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